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Networked Access Control Solutions

Evolves Networked Access Control Solutions provide end users an open architecture, IP-enabled platform for deploying a broad range of access control systems.

HID Global’s Networked Access Solutions are offered in two product flavors, EDGE® a single-door PoE-enabled controller and VertX® a traditional topology multi-door controller with downstream interface modules.

Unlike proprietary access control systems, EDGE® and VertX® provide access to a variety of access control software systems – 100’s to be exact – and not just one proprietary OEM panel and matching software solution. This enables the end user to purchase a system agnostic EDGE and VertX controller product coupled with the access control software, and provide the option to change that software to meet an organizations' evolving requirements down the road without needing to implement forklift upgrades.

Additionally EDGE and VertX can easily adapt for facility expansion or changes to virtually any card/reader configuration that future security needs may require – whether it’s controlling two doors with a few hundred card holders or managing hundreds of doors at multiple facilities with 100,000 card holders. HID Global's versatile and easy-to-use networked access control solutions bring intelligence to the door while protecting the value of customers' overall investments, from controller to reader to credential.

EDGE EVO® and VertX EVO™ is the newest version of EDGE and VertX family of products. The new platform provides enhanced security options, intelligent door communication and superior performance. These products provide a complete and fully functional hardware/firmware infrastructure for IP access control.